Pumpkin House

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Psychologists and therapists recommend to stimulate kids speech development through Sensory fingers games. Finger toys are perfect to develop speech and fine motor skills.

                             How to play?

1. Consider the pumpkin and think up the names for mice.
2. Consider mice’s stocks - seeds and ears. Learn the concepts of "many" - "little", "one" - "many", "a few".
3. Teach your child to act through speech instructions. For example, ask to put a seed on the top shelf and an ear on the bottom.
4. Use seeds and ears to learn counting.
5. Play role games with little mice, think up scenes and dialogues on different topics.
6. Take this game with you on a trip to the doctor’s office or for a walk. It does not take much space and will help distract and entertain your kid.



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