Personalized Pikabook for Girls Mousie

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Custom Quiet Book COVER. You asked and we made it! Personalize your child's Quiet Book with the perfect, customized cover. The book consists of 8 active pages. It is a really useful and original present for a girl. Our Handmade Quiet books can help to develop tactile sensations and fine motor skills, logical thinking, attention, gumption, mathematical and creative skills. This Pikabook for Girls offers hands-on experience in recognizing shapes, buttoning, buckling, distinguishing textures, learning animals and life practical skills. 

Pikabook is made of environmentally friendly organic materials: cotton and felt.

Size 8.5 x 8.5 inch

For children from 1 year old.
ATTENTION!!! Contains small details, play ONLY under the supervision of adults.



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