Felt Quiet Mat, Playmat Big City

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Made from Felt this Big Quiet Playmat consist of 1 big base and 61 geometric shapes on Velcro. Your Little one will enjoy playing with this Montessori toy. While building own City your Child can learn shapes, colors, counting, color matching and many more.
Playmat size 19 * 33 inch

How to play?

1. Take a look at Big city with your child. Add parts to the city transport, choosing matching by color and shape figures. Name colors and shapes (like truck's wheels, ship's windows, plane's tail, etc.) Sort geometric figures by color, shape and size.
2. "Find, name and count!" Ask your Child to find a helicopter, car, rocket in this Big city. Ask what shapes they are? Ask your Little one count the shapes and transport in Big city and compare them.
4. "Geometric rainbow". Arrange the shapes according to the colors of the rainbow.
5. Game "Find a figure". Ask your child to find the shape you want:
- Find a piece of the same color.
- Find 2 parts of the same shape.
- Find same color parts but bigger / smaller than another one.
- Find same shapes parts, but a different color.



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