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Does your child get tired and fussy in car seat durind car ride?
Do you want your kid has fun and some interactive game that can keep your Little One busy and interested?
Then this Play mat is for you!
Our handmade Sensory Play mat can entertain your kid in car seat and make your car ride much more easy for entire Family!

This toy is easily fastened on the Velcro to the headboard of car or airplane seat, it's very light and has a many different game options.

How to play?

1. Consider Christmas Tree, name the colors of Christmas-tree toys.
2. Decorate Christmas tree with colorful balls.
3. Make a garland of flags.
4. Use snowflakes for lacing.
5. Count the balls, flags and snowflakes.

Play mat Size 16.5 * 19 inch

Material: felt

For children from 3 years old.
ATTENTION!!! Contains small details, play ONLY under the supervision of adults.



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