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Sensory play is so important for development of young children, but it is usually messy. Quiet books are the perfect way to achieve that without the mess! This Quiet Book is great for fine motor skills. It has 7 activity pages with buttons, zippers, snaps and more.

There are few removable pieces in this book. It’s made by hand from organic cotton and felt without any glue. Please note this Pikabook is very soft and made from delicate fabrics, that your baby will love so much. We know how important everything that touches your baby’s skin is and therefore only use high-quality materials from Europe. Bright contrasting colors and fun activity pages will help develop children’s sensory awareness and stimulate baby’s first year memory.

Developed in conjunction with developmental experts, each page offers something different to explore and discover. It is perfect for infants and toddlers and will give them hours of endless fun.

Size 8 x 8 inches

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