PlayBag Dolly’s House

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Bright and cozy house with a lot of elements that attached on Velcro. The house has 4 rooms: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and hall with closet. You can always take this Playbag with you, without fear that numerous doll outfits will be lost: there is a special pocket in the bag so you can put all the small pieces right there.
          How to play?

1. Look at the doll, rooms in a house and the various small items;
2. Discuss the rooms: what items could be in the kitchen? What items should be in the bathroom? In the hall?
3. Come up with a name for the doll. Wear her, feed, bath and put to the bed;
4. Learn the words and concepts of "high-low", "top-bottom", "right-left";
5. Look at the doll clothes. Discuss what Clothing you can wear in warm weather, and what in a cold;
6. Teach your child to work on speech instructions:
- Put the pan on the stove;
- Put the plate on the highest shelf;
- hide the bear under the blanket;
- put the book in the bottom drawer of the dresser;
- Put the shampoo on the shelf on the right;
- hide the cat in the closet, etc.

7. Ask the child to tell what these items are for:
- soap - towel
- book - watering can
- watch - blanket
- ball - potted flowers
- hat - pan

8. Count the items. How many cups in the house? How many balls? How many ducks? Etc.

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