Pikabook My Big Travel

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This Pikabook is great for development of cognitive, sensory and fine motor skills, attention , memory and  speech.

How to play?

1. Ship. Play “Hide and Seek” with sea creatures, put all the wooden figures on the sea wave, ask your little one to close their eyes, and then hide one figure under the sea wave. When your child opens their eyes, ask them to guess who is under the wave.
2. Airplane. Tell your little one that a plane can fly only in sunny weather (attach the sun to the page). When a cloud appears in the sky, the plane starts landing - ask your child to return the plane back to its original position by moving itdown the rope.
3. Balloon. Look at the balloon and tell us what it is for. Ask your toddler to “fix” the balloon by attaching the appropriate patches in place.
4. Fire Engine. Ask your child to show / name all the parts of the fire truck (cabin, flasher, tank, wheels, and steeringwheel).

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