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The perfect toy to bring with you for those long walks. This stroller Pikabook is not only fun and entertaining for your baby, but it is also safe and secure in the stroller. This Pikabook was especially created for babies, 0-2.5 year old .It features 10 activity pages and NO removable parts. Your little one will love watching their colorful caterpillar or owl and feed the little lamb with carrots or treat the panda bear to a cup of tea!  Additionally panda’s hands are rattles that are fun to cuddle and shake! Babies can learn zipping while trying to get a dog from a camp or buttoning while opening the door to a house. The many colorful elements of the book will contribute to developing  fine motor skills while having fun!

This Pikabook is made of environmentally friendly organic materials: cotton and felt.

Size: 6 x 6 inches


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