Quiet Book Pikabook Story

Quiet Book Pikabook Story

We are two moms Kate and Lana. We met at the elevator of our apartment building when our babies Emily and Alex were 1 month old. Lana started hand-stitch a fabric book for Alex, something that I'd never really seen before. After six months, her son, couldn't get enough of it, and really enjoyed playing with it. Where he discarded other toys after a few tries, he kept on going back to the fabric book - something I later found out was also called a quiet book (for good reason!). My daughter Emily loved it too and always tried to take it away from Alex. And Lana pushed me to make Quiet books for our babies together. Also another moms at playground and their children loved this idea and started to ask us to make such a books for their kids. And we decided to start the company of Pikabooks. At the beginning we sewed our books in nap-time and at night mostly and it was pretty difficult but great to have two little testers on hand to try things out.


We knew that other children would enjoy playing with our Quiet Activity Books, but we also knew that we couldn't expect us to make all of them either; so we teamed up with another moms and suppliers who understood what we wanted to achieve (we know how important is everything that touches baby's skin that's why we use mostly organic good quality fabrics); resulting in our first edition Quiet Book - Pikabook, and hopefully the first of many.


We wanted our book to be good quality, durable, and exciting for children to play with - and most importantly it had to be affordable, and immediately available for shipping, so unlike many other products on the market, you know that we can fulfill your order on the next day and also make it personalized just in a few days (rather than having to wait many weeks or even months for a book to be made and then delivered). We also have an option of Personalized Custom Quiet book where you can pick the pages and cover but it takes us 1-2 months to sew it.

Quiet book Pikabook  

Since we've started, we've had orders from nurseries and other childcare professionals, grandparents, and parents of children with autism. 


We're currently looking at expanding our edition in to a range of books, and we're always looking to improve what has already been done, so we'd be really happy to receive any and all feedback. 

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If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, please send us an email at sdesign.us@gmail.com, we are really looking forward to hearing from you!



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