Every Batman wore a Bow Tie, and so should you.

Every Batman wore a Bow Tie, and so should you.

Well, not Batman as in his Bat suit, but Bruce Wayne in his alter ego - who was already badass enough, and let's be honest - always got the ladies.
Michelle Pfeiffer, Nicole Kidman, and Anne Hathaway all had a crack and Bruce could've had them all (well, he did) and more. But even more so, it served the man behind the man behind the mask...

Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Michael Keaton kicked the Jokers ass, and he got to the bottom of the Penguin dilemma all whilst wearing a Bow tie.

Val Kilmer got to mack on with Nicole Kidman at a party, shortly before sending The Riddler back to the clinker. He took the chic-geek approach with his style.

We all tried to forget that time George Clooney took his foray into the DC universe as the Dark Knight... but, he has been named the sexiest man alive more than once. Wearing a Bow tie - then being named People magazines sexiest man alive twice - coincidence? We think not!

Christian Bale had so much swag he managed to not only go viral after cussing out a set-runner and keep his career in tact, but milk a trilogy. Key reason? He could rock a Butterfly Bow. Fact.

Ben Affleck boned Jennifer Lopez. Ok, we get that it was pre-Batman, but still! He also bagged the role as a 40+ year old man, our most mature batman for the big screen thus far, proving Hollywood isn't ageist when you're wearing a Bow tie.

Finally, all this should prove that wearing a statement piece around your neck not only makes you cool, but could score you the ultimate squad...

But grab yourself one of these bow ties and your squad will reach ultimate level like this:


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